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Punjabi Language Punjabi Language
Punjabi language is spoken all around the whole world by millions of people. Please visit GUCA website for more technical details about language.
GNU Image GNU Project
The GNU Project was launched in 1984 to develop a complete UNIX style operating system which is free software: the GNU system. (GNU is a recursive acronym for “GNU's Not UNIX”; it is pronounced “guh-noo.”).

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Punlinux is an effort to add Punjabi language support in GNU/Open source softwares. 
We are working on a number of projects involving GNU/Linux softwares:
  • SuSE 9.3+ (GNU/Linux Operating system)
  • Mandriva 10+ (GNU/Linux Operating system)
  • Fedora Core (Free GNU/Linux Operating system)
  • Gnome (Most popular desktop environment for GNU/Linux OS)
  • KDE (K Desktop Environment)
  •  Mozilla Web browser suite (Firefox, Thunderbird)
  • OpenOffice.org (Opensource Office suite)
Our Goals
Our goal is to deliver the power of open source software to Punjabi community. We aim to create a fully localized version of GNU/Linux operating system in Punjabi language. The Punlinux projects allows user to:
  • Use computer in Punjabi Language.
  • Send and receive email in Punjabi.
  • Surf Internet in Punjabi language.
  • Create, save and print documents in Punjabi.
  • Play Games/Music player/Video Players in Punjabi.
Why Open Source?

Free software is a matter of freedom: people should be free to use software in all the ways that are socially useful. Software differs from material objects--such as chairs, sandwiches, and gasoline--in that it can be copied and changed much more easily. These possibilities make software as useful as it is; we believe software users should be able to make use of them. More ...

Help Us
Please help us in spreading the Open source software to the masses.
  • Use open source software.
  • Distribute/Sell Open software CDROM's
  • Spread awareness about Open source and free software
  • Use Punjabi language (localized version) of Open source software
  • Join us in making Punjab an IT power
Project is Powered by following Open Source software
  • Sourceforge.net
  • MySql Database
  • PHP Scripting language
  • Gimp Image Manipulation Program
  • NVU Web page editor

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